Wellbeing in the Workplace 2018 – What You Can do to Improve Employee Mental Health
February 12, 2018

#MHTalkTime Roundup – 28/02/2018


February 28th 2018 was the beginning of our new Twitter Chat called #MHTalkTime where we got to hear your views and opinions on subjects related to mental health.


This week, our focus was on ‘Technology and Mental Health’ and it was great to see so many people respond. Here are some of the answers we received this week.


Question 1: What do you think the impact of technology is on mental health – Is it more positive or negative?

“I definitely think it depends on how it’s used – you could use tech and social media to create more social connections and support which is great! Or you could use tech to avoid social connections.

Also totally depends on the type of tech, I think. Some studies show that certain video games can improve cognitive abilities – but I’d bet that not all games in all contexts do” – @super_psyc


“Mixed. It’s good in a sense because it can distract you and I find there are lots of good resources available online to help with mental health. However, at the same time it can sometimes be too distracting, and I think sometimes it’s riddled with negativity.” – @ahoytheremateys

Question 2: Do you believe that video games can have a positive impact on mental health?

“I’ve heard of some games helping people with “bad” social skills improve in a less anxiety producing context.” – @super_psyc


“I think they’re good for escapism and are a good distraction – I think that it’s a good idea to draw attention to different mental health conditions in media in order to educate.” – @ahoytheremateys


Question 3: How do you think advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality will impact Mental Health treatment strategies in the future?


“I think there’s already work on using VR for exposure therapy for phobias! I can see how it could also help for anxiety disorders and OCD. There’s some great VR developments on the way, like including touch sensors.” – @super_psyc


Question 4: Social Media: Good or bad for mental health?

“Mixed again – it’s good to talk to people as it can be beneficial for mental health, but also websites like Instagram can sometimes make you feel that your life is not fulfilling compared to other people’s, which only fuels depression and anxiety etc.” – @ahoytheremateys


Question 5: What are your favourite mobile apps to use to aid your mental health?

“Evernote. 1) my brain is constantly running and if I don’t get ideas out, I can’t focus on other things until I do and 2) having a list of things I need to do helps with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.” – @super_psyc


Thank you to every one who took part and looking forward to next week’s discussion which will be about ‘Workplace Wellbeing’ following our time at the Health and Wellbeing Event at Birmingham’s NEC next week.

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