Welcome to the Welsh Wellbeing Company

We’re based in Newport – telephone 01633 547261 / 07714 247791 or send us a message to find out more about how we can help.


Our services

Counselling & Therapeutic

At Psychology Wales we offer a range of psychological and therapeutic services to individuals and couples via face-to-face meetings.

Wellbeing Workshops

Our MoodMaster wellbeing courses are designed to improve employee wellbeing by tackling issues such as stress, anxiety and low mood.

to Mindfulness

Introduction to Mindfulness courses are 6 week evening sessions held at our Newport office run by an experienced mindfulness trainer.

Health & Wellbeing and Corporate Mental Health Training

We offer bespoke health and wellbeing packages tailored to ensure you have the perfect programme for your company needs.


Health & Wellbeing Roadshow

Create a more healthy and resilient workforce and host one of our Health & Wellbeing Roadshows at your place of work.

Our free Health & Wellbeing Roadshows are specially designed to promote psychological and physical health and wellbeing to employees all across the UK.

Introducing the team

Psychology Wales was founded in 2004 when Dr Catherine Goodwin, Clinical Psychologist, opened a small therapy practice in Risca, within a few years this expanded to include locations in Newport, Cardiff and Pontypool for therapy and delivering training in mental health and wellbeing throughout the UK.

Psychology Wales incorporated in 2014 which opened the doors to being able to expand and promote wellbeing as a preventative resilience building strategy within organisations and in June 2015 Carly Prankerd, currently completing a Doctorate in Health Psychology, joined the organisation as the lead for Workplace Wellbeing.

Psychology Wales now employs six staff, in addition to a number of visiting consultants, and hopes to continue to build on its reputation as providing high quality psychological wellbeing services throughout Wales and the UK. In 2018, Psychology Wales also introduced a Mental Health First Aid course for corporations and individuals to add to its breadth of mental health training courses in Wales and throughout the UK.


Latest news

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