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March 17, 2017
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Injecting Mindfulness into a corporate culture can improve focus within the workplace

‘Injecting Mindfulness into a corporate culture can improve focus within the workplace’.

Mindfulness has become a popular concept that is used by several global companies. For example, Google, Yahoo, the United States Marine Corps and the British Parliament have launched ‘Mindfulness Nation UK’ to improve workplace wellbeing.

Why use Mindfulness in the workplace?

On average an office worker will only be able to concentrate for an estimated eleven minutes without being interrupted or distracted. This can lead to a 20% reduction in a worker’s performance. Further, it is said that the human mind can wander up to half of our waking hours, but mindfulness is able to stabilise our attention in the present helping us to concentrate and stay focused.

The research

There is a growing amount of evidence highlighting the positive effects mindfulness has within the workplace. These include an increase of focused attention, improving cognitive alertness and guarding against distractions.

A recent comprehensive analysis by the Case Western University (2016), has revealed how mindfulness can not only improve focus within the workplace but also improve employee relationships within the workplace, managing and coping with stress more effectively.

Additionally, researchers explored over 4,000 pieces of literature on Mindfulness about how individuals think, feel, act and perform at work. They found individuals who completed mindfulness training remained vigilant longer on both visual and listening tasks compared to individuals that did not fulfil completion. They also highlighted how mindfulness enhances workplace processes that rely on teamwork and leadership by improving relationships through practising empathy and compassion. Overall, they concluded that Mindfulness in the workplace specifically improves the three qualities of attention that are needed for a successful workplace; stability, control and efficiency.

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