Create a more healthy and resilient workforce

Host one of our Health & Wellbeing Roadshows at your place of work.


Health & Wellbeing Roadshow

Today, most business leaders recognise that a happy and healthy workforce is vital to business success. At Psychology Wales, we have the answers to help you and your employees improve your wellbeing. Our free Health & Wellbeing Roadshows are specially designed to promote psychological and physical health and wellbeing to employees all across the UK.

Our dedicated team of health professionals provide on hand information, training and advice about a range of health-related topics.

Our team are able to conduct ‘mini’ health checks for members of your staff at our health promotion stands including blood pressure and heart rate.

CPR and defibrillator training is also provided – an essential and invaluable skill for any individual!

Our roadshow helps to generate a ‘feel good’ factor and encourages staff members to think about and talk about their health and mental health.

Topics include:

  • Advice about psychological issues such as stress, anxiety and depression
  • How to stop smoking
  • How to live a healthier and happier life

What’s included?

  • Free training
  • Free advice
  • Free ‘mini’ health checks
  • Free ‘mini’ massages
  • Free wellbeing packs for staff members

What do you need to do?

It’s simple, contact a member of our team to arrange your own Health & Wellbeing Roadshow at your place of work. All you need is somewhere suitable for the roadshow to take place and we’ll do the rest! Each roadshow is free of charge and is a great way to show your employees that you are investing in them!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the 6 week course which has flown by. The weekly sessions and homework have been extremely helpful in starting me on my mindfulness/meditation journey. Really enjoyed the science behind how meditation effects the brain positively. Elizabeth (course leader) has been a pleasure to see every week with her positive, uplifting approach to us as a group and mindfulness as a whole. I shall miss our weekly sessions
    Previous Introduction to Mindfulness attendee
  • I felt I could share my experiences with confidence.
    Geninia Malcohl
  • Really great advice, I felt like I was actually being listened to and everyone was calm and friendly – Thank you.
    Abigail Case
  • Really good, positive and can see real value for myself and my organisation.
    Caroline Belasco
  • Having a weekly session to look forward to has helped me to cope with difficult situations over the last 12 weeks.
    Rebecca Lloyd
  • Getting together as a group really helped to share thoughts and discuss challenges as it made me feel human and gave me a support network in work.
    Hayley Armstrong
  • Very well presented with enthusiasm and lots of smiles. I enjoyed it and discussed it a lot with my partner so it was very relevant and real for me. It provides a further 'tool' for my therapy practice.
    John Plowman
  • "The course was well-structured and informative; very useful tips and advice and it has definitely helped me to manage myself better." - A previous CBT Group Course attendee.
    A previous CBT Group Course Attendee
  • This course has really helped me get perspective on my life and how I handle difficult situations. I think the fact that our group was small meant that each person was able to open up and feel like their views and feelings were fully considered. It was really well organised and covered loads of useful topics. Thank You.
    Previous MoodMaster Attendee
  • Having been interested in knowing what mindfulness was about, I have been pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. I have experienced subtle changes in the way I approach my life both consciously and unconsciously. It has made me more confident in being able to manage my daily life with a more realistic approach to my capabilities.
    Emma Butterworth
  • I found the course very good and enjoyed it very much. I feel that it will be useful in my day to day life and will definitely keep up the practice. I will miss the Tuesday sessions. I have recommended the course to all my friends and colleagues.
    Rebecca Richards
  • A great introduction to mindfulness would recommend this course to anyone needing to slow down. Some really useful, practical (and mindful) tips to take away!
    A previous Mindfulness attendee
  • I really enjoyed learning about mental health and look forwards to learning more and sharing my knowledge with others. I hope that this will improve my daily life with my own insecurities.
    A previous attendee on our corporate CBT Course
    Go Compare
  • Very good to help improve wellbeing and self-awareness. I think a lot of people would benefit from this and could use/apply to work life as well as personal.
    Sarah Le Garff
    Go Compare
  • I really enjoyed it! I loved listening to what Carly, the course practitioner, had to say. I learned a lot about different things, and Carly had a lot of empathy towards us and what we had to say as well.
    A Previous Corporate CBT Course Delegate
  • I really enjoyed it! It was great listening to it and I learned a lot.
    A Previous Corporate CBT Course Delegate
  • I really enjoyed listening. A lot of it related to me too, and I would love to look into it more.
    A Previous Corporate CBT Course Delegate
  • I understand CBT so much now! I would love to learn more. it's very interesting, I enjoyed it.
    Louise Baston
    Malpas Fire Station
  • Very friendly trainer, helped with some suggestions and she listened to me when I was talking. She also gave me some great techniques to help me sleep.
    Caroline Moss
  • I think Carly's presentations are always very useful. Many things that are being discussed might feel obvious but in reality you often find new perspectives to look at things from.
    A Previous Attendee on our Overcoming Low Self esteem course
  • I have really enjoyed the session(s). They are in depth enough to understand why things happen but also how you can get through it. I have learnt some good tips to support myself and others.
    Emma Nash
  • Every presentation from Carly has been really helpful in understanding myself and others. I always recommend Psychology Wales to anyone who may be struggling.
    • well presented
    • friendly
    • opens up to the room
    • clear and concise
    • good handouts
    A Previous Attendee on our Overcoming Low Self esteem course
  • She has a calming nature which puts everyone at ease, it was hard to be in a negative conversation but it was kept upbeat.
    A Previous Attendee on our Overcoming Low Self esteem course
  • I feel that it's very well presented and interacts very well with the attendees. Really helpful tips given, as someone that suffers from low self esteem there has been things that I can put into place to help me combat this.
    A Previous Attendee on our Overcoming Low Self esteem course
  • I thought the trainer was really helpful and listened to everyone's opinions. The information provided was very useful and I will be using it in future.
    • Clear, helpful and current
    • The session flowed clearly and easily. Everyone was engaged and I found the session really helpful.
    Bethan Turner
  • Course is well presented. Nice thoughts. How to think and get well in good and bad situations. It helped me in terms of personal and professional ways.
    A Previous Attendee on our MoodMaster Course
    Go Compare
  • Helped me through some difficult and busy periods.
    Mark Anderson
    Go Compare
  • Highly beneficial course. Great to check in every week, definite benefits seen.
    Previous MoodMaster Attendee
    Go Compare
  • Course is well presented. Nice thoughts, how to think and get well in good and bad situations. It helped me in terms of personal and professional development.
    Seri Samayamanthule
    Go Compare
  • The course has had a huge impact on myself as an individual, my perceptions of myself and the approaches that I have towards myself and others. I promise I will try and continue to be kind to myself.
  • This course was hugely well presented and very engaging. The lessons and tools that I have learned have already helped me and although I am aware that there is a long way to go for me, it’s a journey I now feel more equipped to take.

  • The course has been truly beneficial to my life and my circumstances. It has provided me with the tools I need to continue along my journey. Sophie, Ant and Emma have been amazing at facilitating the meetings. 5 Stars!!

  • A great introduction to Mindfulness, enjoying a very inspirational journey over the past 6 weeks which I will continue in the future. Over the past 6 weeks, we have only touched the tip of the iceberg and I’m very keen to learn more as it’s already benefiting me in so many ways. Thank you for this.

  • I have benefitted greatly from this course in more ways than can be explained. I am now looking forward to a “Mindfulness 2” in order to continue my journey. I am very grateful for the expertise in the facilitating.


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